Industrial Terracotta Tiles

Designed for commercial to heavy industrial applications

Our Industrial range of terracotta tiles is an unglazed corrosion resistant floor tile manufactured by the extruded split-tile method utilizing a precision process from clay selection and preparation, through to quality control and packaging.

Although the range is specially developed to suit the most aggressive industrial applications requiring high resistance to acids, alkalis, impact and wear, the four available colors provide further functional choices such as compatibility with ambient light conditions, and color coordination.

This range offers all the aspects required of an industrial flooring option; fade-less, resistant to light, a natural building material, non-flammable, resistant to chemicals, easy to clean, resistant to aging, antistatic, hygienic, and temperature stabilizing.

Applications include hospitals, food and beverage factories, public buildings and pathways, shopping centers, hotels, sports complexes, airports, heavy commercial kitchens and entertainment centers.

tile_bullet Available colours









SLIP resistant (R11)    •    IMPACT resistant    •    ALKALI resistant    •    ACID resistant

Please note: Colours are indicative only and do vary from batch to batch. Actual current tile samples should be used for final colour selection.

 tile_bullet Carbgrip Surface

The CarbGrip surface is achieved by impregnating the standard tile with carborundum (silicon carbide) early in the manufacturing process. Not available in colors Ebony and Heather.

The resulting slip resistance is R13 instead of the standard R11. Wear Resistance also increases significantly.
carbgrip_200 carbgrip_closeup

200 x 200 mm



tile_bullet Standard Sizes

200x200 240x117 Custom made sizes also available.

Thicknesses:   15mm

Thicknesses:  15mm

 * Recommened grout gap in mm
The entire industrial range is available on request for quantity orders only.
Orders are required 8-12 weeks prior to delivery date to be secured with pre-arranged deposit.


 tile_bullet Standard Accessories

Roundedge Safety Roundedge
steptread_01 safety_steptread
steptread200 safety_steptread200


 tile_bullet Main Technical Properties (range average)

Water Absorption (ISO 10545 - 3) ≤ 1.5%
Scratch Hardness (BS 6431 Part 13) MOH’s 7
Frost Resistance (ISO 10545 – 12) Pass
Salt Safe (AS1226.10) Pass
Chemical Resistance (ISO10545.13) Pass
Slip Resistance (Oil-Wet Ramp Test to SS 485-2001) R11


The following points must be observed to achieve the best aesthetic and technical floor or paving result:
1.  During installation take tiles randomly from two or three packs.
2.  Follow the recommended grout gaps shown on the label of the tile pack.
3.  When installing square tiles ensure that underside fixing ribs are running in the same direction whenever possible.
Flexible 10 mm expansion joints should be installed along restrained perimeters of the installed area, around rigid interruptions, above substrate construction joints, and every 4 to 5 meters across any continuous expanse of floor or paving; or follow local standards when available.